Manuel Ignacio López Quintero
Enable 'sudo' on an user account on Debian

The command sudo allows you running programs with the security privileges of another user (commonly root).

There are many benefits of using it instead of su root so it's important enable sudo in an user account. In this tutorial you allow an user account have all the privileges with sudo. For more custom, visit the Debian Wiki of 'sudo'.

At first, login to an user account and open a terminal to execute the following commands.

Start becoming superuser:

su root

Enter the root password. Now, install sudo:

apt-get install sudo

Add the user account to the group sudo.

adduser username sudo

Where username is the user account.

Now, log out and then log in with the same user.

Open a terminal and execute:

sudo echo "Hello, world!"

Enter the user password. If all goes well you'll see on screen Hello, world!.

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